Questions all, Belives in the power imagination.

Freespirited, Dreamer by nature, traveler by choice.

Artist & designer from San Juan, Puerto Rico

Creator of VA Creative Studio & maker of Areia jewelry

VA Creative Studio

A Creative Space based in Puerto Rico

Made up by Manuel Velez & Crystal Amador

We design & create things..

Areia .     the jewelry line

A combination of freehand cut metal pieces, acrylic forms, stones & other

materials. Inspired by intricate shapes, images & sounds found through

daily life, made into an idea & then transformed into weareble art.

Delcolsa . everything cycling related

Designs for t-shirts, Kits, caps & cycling things


-instagram    @va_creativestudio                           @crys_

-emails             va.creativestudio@gmail.coms    crystal_amador@hotmail.com